Myths and Meridians

Myths and Meridians by Margaret Fitzgibbon, Illustrated by Ruth Evans
As you turn the pages of this delightful book, you will meet some Irish legends and learn of traditional Irish celebrations, which will guide you to discover the secret of the meridians.
These meridians are like invisible pathways that run through your body, helping you stay safe, secure and full of energy.

We Are The Ark

Mary’s book We Are The Ark:
Returning Our Gardens to Their True Nature Through Acts of Restorative Kindness
, with illustrations by Ruth Evans, will be published on 25 October by Timber Press and is available for preorder right now – click through for various options here or here at The Book Depository.

The Gardening Awakening

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Mary Reynolds through a mutual friend. We hit it off immediately and I was delighted to be asked to illustrate Mary’s book ‘The Garden Awakening’. Some of the paintings that I made for the book are available to buy here on my site.   I can of course,  highly recommend the book which can be bought here at Mary’s site …We are currently hatching plans to work on a new book together in relation to Mary’s We Are the Ark project.

Extinction Files

Download Only.
This is an ongoing series of work unfortunately.
We live in a time of crisis with over one million plant and animal species threatened with extinction. Every day up to 150 species are lost. We must act now. Art can change how you think, be a force for change and highlight and reflect the world we live in. We must spread the message in any way we can and create positive action as custodians of the earth. I am currently involved with which is concerned with preserving habitats and biodiversity. We would love you to join us.

Cutout Designs

Download Only.
Little art models for you and yours to colour, cut and assemble.  I thought it would be lovely to offer these to people because I run many workshops and these always go down really well with children of all ages.  Even adults LOVE making them too!  It gives people who can’t come to a physical workshop a chance to join in from their own homes.   You just purchase a design, download, print it out and start making!
Little Elf Bunting

Rewild Child - Coming soon

“Sometimes all our children need is a spark of inspiration to wake up to their true calling in life. A spark of understanding that there is always another way, that we can forge a new path, because this path we are on is a dead end.  This timely story by Chris Cooper-Hayes, armed with magically infused images by Ruth, will awaken a spark of awareness and guardianship in all who find their way into its enchanted pages.   Give this gift to as many children as you can, including the fully grown ones who have forgotten who they are.  Mother earth needs them all.”  Mary Reynolds



I am happy to take on any commission work, big or small. This painting for example, was one I completed for a hotel in Cork.  They wanted a painting based on the Irish folk story of the tragic lovers Diarmuid & Grainne.  Feel free to contact me to talk through any ideas that you have and I will be happy to give you a quote.

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